There will only be 1737 CryptoXolos, each one uniquely generated out of 50 million possible combinations.
We have a special price dynamic, where each CryptoXolo minted will increase the price for the next one. Starting at 0.02 ETH and increasing linearly on each mint up to 0.08 ETH.
Minting will be on the 25th of November at at 5pm UTC.
Pre-Sale minting will be on the 24th of November at 5pm UTC.
You will be able to buy as many Xolos as you want, but only 10 per transaction.
CryptoXolos will exist on Immutable X (IMX) an Ethereum Layer 2 solution. The main benefit of this is that you will pay a very lo gas fee for minting, and you will have your CryptoXolo immediately available on IMX Marketplace where you can trade for zero fees. You can also bridge your CryptoXolo from IMX to Ethereum L1, so you can list it on Openseas.
CryptoXolos will be minted on IMX, an Ethereum L2 solution. Initial transaction will be done on Ethereum and you will receive your CryptoXolo on your IMX Wallet.
Minting a CryptoXolo will cost approximately 22,492 per transaction.
You don't need to have ETH on your IMX Wallet, you need to have ETH on Metamask
No, you need to mint through the CryptoXolos official website www.cryptoxolos.com